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Preparing for, facilitating and protecting growth is on the agenda at every business, of course – but especially so in post-recession Britain for FM service providers. Growth rarely just happens: it is much more likely to be the product of careful analysis and planning within the context of a sound strategy. This look at the issues, challenges and opportunities was put together for i-FM by business-to-business specialist Andrew Shaw.

Getting Ready for Growth
In the first of a series of articles, Shaw examined the obstacles that face service providers in their bids to achieve higher levels of profitable growth.

Standing Out from the Crowd
The emphasis here is the importance of having a clear position in the market. Shaw offers some advice on meeting this challenge.

A Platform for Growth
Retaining and optimising profits from the current contract base can be an important means of underpinning growth.

Building Trust
This article looks at the challenges and complexities of developing multi-service relationships.

How to Generate 30% More Growth
The sales teams has a critical role to play in helping service providers to deliver higher growth rates.

The Challenge of Delivering Growth
In this article, Shaw reviews some of the key messages as well as the challenges that managers face in delivering higher levels of profitable growth.

Business Juggling
Drawing on research focused on the strength of FM supplier-client relationships, this artricle offers advice to help service providers ensure that the demands of bringing on new contracts don't place current contracts at risk.

Getting Ahead of the Game
How can the supplier-client relationship be strengthened? Shaw believes the answers lies in greater proactivity.

Competing in the 'New Norm'
In this final article in the series, Andrew Shaw discusses how suppliers can cope with the new norm of intense competition, procurement-driven tenders, low margins and rising customer expectations.

Many of the ideas and insights in the articles highlighted here reflect the results of a research study into client/supplier relationships. We reported on those results here - FM comes bottom for loyalty – and that headline reflects considerable scope within FM for putting those ideas and insights into action.



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