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i-FM Collections - Contract Retention

This collection focuses on a big issue for FM service providers – specifically, understanding client wants, needs and expectations, and responding in timely and appropriate ways to maximise the chances of retaining the contract. Much of this was put together for i-FM by rebidding expert Nigel Thacker.

Our series started with a report on the results of a closely targeted survey:

What procurers expect of incumbents 
Nigel Thacker writes: a new survey uncovers what procurement professionals expect of incumbents at rebid, and what they experience.

The survey report was followed with some basic sound advice:

Do's and Don'ts for Rebid Success 
With intense competition for new business wins in FM continuing, keeping what business you already have has become increasingly important.

We then moved on to a series of feature articles tackling individual aspects of the contract retention challenge:

Avoiding the Incumbent Credibility Gap 
How much change is your customer likely to make to the scope and terms of your contract in a rebid? That’s a key question for incumbents as a contract nears its end.

Measuring What Really Matters 
You might have a just few performance measures on your contract; you might have dozens. Six steps will help you focus on what counts.

KPIs: what, why and how 
In the first in a series of articles looking at contract management and, crucially, contract retention, Nigel Thacker offers fresh advice on what to measure and how to use the results.

Rebidding: Six Things to Check 
Nigel Thacker writes: We are often asked to review customers' rebid proposals before they are submitted.

Rebidding: The Risk of Change 
When you are the incumbent contractor approaching your rebid you have a lot of potential advantages over challengers. One of those is that you should be the lowest risk choice for your customer.

Effective Rebid Preparation
Starting your rebid preparations early is one of the best-known ideas to help you win, but it's still something many incumbents don't do.

Contract Communications 1 
For contract leads, communicating with the customer is a day-to-day activity. You will have formal reports to deliver, regular set meetings and probably daily informal chats.

Contract Communications 2 
The first part of this article outlined ways to enhance communication with your customer during the contract to help build better relationships. The second part moves that on a step.

Rebidding: four things for day one 
'Start your rebid on day one of the contract' is a common piece of advice given to incumbents. And it's good advice; but what does it mean in practice?

Delivering Strategic Benefits
Customers are always looking for cost reductions, or quality improvements, or both. The term 'more for less' is ubiquitous across the outsourcing industry.

Rebidding: Who's in Charge? 
We are often asked 'who should run our rebid?' This was a point of considerable discussion, and some disagreement, at a conference on rebidding held earlier this month in Holland for example.



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