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Our industry is fortunate to be the focus of a number of regular research reports, both facilities management specifically and the sub-sectors or related market areas. This page provides links to recent reports that we’ve covered. [Updated April 2016]

The general theme emerging from the research is sound growth and a return to optimism – most recently:

Post-election surge for UK FM
A new report on the UK facilities management market suggests that the pre-election slowdown in growth has passed, with many FM providers reporting strengthening order pipelines.

Looking at specific sectors of the FM market:

Corporate sector FM outsourcing set for growth
The market value for outsourced bundled and TFM services within the UK corporate sector has been growing at about 4-5% per annum. That will continue, but so will pressures on margins and high levels of competition.

Government FM outsourcing market: low expectations
The central and local government outsourced bundled services market is estimated to have grown by around 3% in 2015, and looks set to continue at about that level.

And earlier:

Annual growth of 4 - 5% for UK facilities management outsourcing
In 2014, the market for outsourcing bundled and Total Facilities Management services was valued at almost £19.5bn. With a recent return to more positive growth, this market is expected to reach a value of £23.2bn by 2018.

Two recent research reports focused on the cleaning services sector:

Good times for the contract cleaning sector
A new research report suggests the contract cleaning market is set for major growth in 2016, despite the new National Living Wage dampening market profitability. 

Contract cleaning: slow growth on the cards
The UK contract cleaning market is estimated to have grown in value by 1.5% year-on-year in 2014, returning to growth after two consecutive periods of annual decline.

And the positive message extends to other key sectors:

Faster growth likely for the security market
The outsourced security guarding services market is approaching £5bn in size, having grown in recent years despite an uneven economic recovery. That growth is expected to continue, at an increasing rate.

Catering market on the upswing
New research has found signs of recovery in the UK contract catering market as its current value climbs towards £2.5bn.

The outsourcing market more generally draws quite a lot of research and commentary, too. A few of the more relevant reports follow:

2014 one of best years for outsourcing
The global outsourcing industry delivered one of its best years ever in 2014 capped by double-digit growth in the fourth quarter, according to market intelligence firm Information Services Group.

Outsourcing: it's good to talk
The National Outsourcing Association has surveyed more than 150 of its members to compare buyers' and sellers' perceptions in a search for lessons that can help shape the future of the industry.

Local government outsourcing values on the rise
New research focused on BPO and IT contracts shows that the local government outsourcing surged ahead in 2014 as organisations procured more sophisticated services.

There is much more information about research in and around the FM sector in our archives. On our News & Features page, a topic search using the heading ‘research’ returns a long list of references. Alternatively, you can enter any key word into the search engine, ‘outsourcing’ or ‘workplace’, for example, depending on your interest. And access to our own research work is available via our Research page.



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