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Does Brexit mean an FM skills shortage?
Wednesday 1st March 2017

Trained, motivated and engaged people are central to great facilities management, an industry that depends on a diverse workforce. Elyse Emanuel explores what Brexit could mean for our sector.

Seeing the light: FMs' views on LEDs
Thursday 23rd February 2017

LED lighting could offer a good solution to a number of the big challenges facing all organisations and their facilities management teams. But how much do FMs know about LEDs and what are their views on the pros and cons?

Designing for competitive edge
Tuesday 21st February 2017

Simon Iatrou talks to Tim Oldman about how Leesman's client, The Boston Consulting Group, has turned its latest and decidedly non-corporate office into a tool for competitive advantage.

Using technology to improve service experiences
Sunday 19th February 2017

Technology will change how services are managed, how end-users interact with service providers, and how service employees interact with end-users. But what are the opportunities and risks inĀ using technology to improve service experiences?

One FM's journey to see the LED light
Thursday 16th February 2017

Whatever facility you manage, no doubt you are judged by the bottom line. Whether you run a hospital or a warehouse, operating buildings at a lower cost is a continual challenge that often looks to new technology for a solution.

Thursday 9th February 2017

Change is bold but it's not easy. Sometimes it needs a specific kind of leader. In our latest featured interview, Simon Iatrou talks to Bellrock CEO David Smith about his role and his plans for the company.

Unlocking energy bill savings
Sunday 5th February 2017

Energy efficiency doesn't need to cost the earth. With some savvy planning, a few easy wins can help initiate a cascade of money-saving projects. Brendon Airey explains.

Gen Z: bringing new requirements to the office
Wednesday 25th January 2017

In 2017, organisations will focus on flexibility and support workforce wellbeing, especially if they want to recruit and retain Generation Z, says Elyse Emanuel.

Redefining health & safety
Wednesday 18th January 2017

Dave Parker tells Simon Iatrou why the workplace wellbeing trend is the change of image health & safety needs.

Social ergonomics in workplace design
Tuesday 17th January 2017

Can our workplace make us more productive? Yes, says Lillian Antonio, senior ergonomist at Herman Miller. The key is simple: be happy.

Planning ahead: a holistic approach to security
Sunday 8th January 2017

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the British Security Industry Association, discusses the importance of planning for safety in an increasingly dangerous world.

The i-FM News Review 2016
Wednesday 21st December 2016

It's been a busy year, with the usual mix of contract wins, senior appointments and new ventures. A typical year in UK FM. But it's also been a period of uncertainty, with the effects of previous events lingering, plus some new ones coming through.

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Cleaning on a Global scale
What happens to a service like cleaning after a large-scale merger? Global Radio FM retraces its steps throughout a recent re-tender.
Defining the optimum workplace
Tom Cudmore introduces the Whole Life Performance Plus project, a collaborative effort that is aiming to create workplaces that enhance the productivity and wellbeing of occupants.
Leading the charge?
Facilities management is nothing if not a place of change. Policies, practices, expectations and FM companies themselves shift and develop. Could one, Mitie, in the headlines as much for bad news as good in recent weeks, be showing us the way forward?
Is FM at risk of dehumanising?
Embracing the age of big data and all its associated ground-breaking technology is crucial for the FM sector, but there is a risk that partnership working and collaborative cultures could be lost to the detriment of the client relationship.
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