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FM: from east to west
an i-FM interview with Manjit Rajain & Tim Hancock, Tenon FM
3rd May 2017
Designing for competitive edge
an i-FM interview with Tim Oldman, CEO, Leesman
21st February 2017
an i-FM interview with David Smith, CEO, Bellrock
9th February 2017
Redefining health & safety
an i-FM interview with David Parker, Group Executive Director, EMCOR UK
18th January 2017
Foodie service
an i-FM interview with John Hamill, MD, Servest FoodCo
15th December 2016
The reputation game
an i-FM interview with Peter Jones, Managing Director of G4S FM UK & Ireland
12th December 2016
The deal maker
an i-FM interview with Satvir Bungar, Corporate Finance Director & Head of FM Sector, BDO
28th November 2016
A smarter way to work
an i-FM interview with Emmanuel Chautemps, Director, Bouygues Energies & Services
8th November 2016
Creating the art of the possible
an i-FM interview with Paul Crilly, CEO, Not Just Cleaning
19th October 2016
The intelligent client
an i-FM interview with Simon Wells, Zurich Insurance, and Martin Boden, Sodexo
18th August 2016
FM at starboard
an i-FM interview with Tim Hancock, CEO, Office & General
16th June 2016
Creating social value
an i-FM interview with Gordon Sheret, MD Cities & Communities, ENGIE
13th June 2016
Technically Speaking
an i-FM interview with Garry Kidd & Kath Fontana, ISS Facility Services
3rd April 2016
From Commodity to Strategy
an i-FM interview with Martyn Freeman, MD, Facilities Management at Mitie
15th March 2016
Trading Places
an i-FM interview with Sarah Bentley, CEO, The Building Futures Group
8th February 2016
Doing Things Differently
an i-FM interview with Mike Cant, Chairman, Mercury FM
2nd February 2016
Better Recognise
an i-FM interview with Paul Bagust, UK Commercial Property Director, RICS
13th December 2015
Engineering Service Excellence
an i-FM interview with Keith Chanter, CEO, EMCOR UK
11th November 2015
The Guru
an i-FM interview with Martin Pickard, Founding Principal, FM Guru
18th October 2015
Event Horizon
an i-FM interview with Alex Beaumont, Events Director, Sodexo Prestige
8th September 2015
Changing for the Better
an i-FM interview with Andy Fry, Operational Services Director, Interserve Support Services
11th August 2015
Filling a Gap in the Market
an i-FM interview with Chris Kenneally, CEO, Cordant Group
29th July 2015
Service Management 3.0
an i-FM interview with Richard Sykes, CEO, ISS UK & Ireland
9th July 2015
A Commercial Guide to Saving the Planet
an i-FM interview with Keith Pedder, Energy Director, Bouygues E&S
1st July 2015

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Cleaning on a Global scale
What happens to a service like cleaning after a large-scale merger? Global Radio FM retraces its steps throughout a recent re-tender.
Defining the optimum workplace
Tom Cudmore introduces the Whole Life Performance Plus project, a collaborative effort that is aiming to create workplaces that enhance the productivity and wellbeing of occupants.
Leading the charge?
Facilities management is nothing if not a place of change. Policies, practices, expectations and FM companies themselves shift and develop. Could one, Mitie, in the headlines as much for bad news as good in recent weeks, be showing us the way forward?
Is FM at risk of dehumanising?
Embracing the age of big data and all its associated ground-breaking technology is crucial for the FM sector, but there is a risk that partnership working and collaborative cultures could be lost to the detriment of the client relationship.
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