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Gaining Energy
an i-FM interview with Juergen Kulka, MD, Cofely International FM
18th June 2015
Noodle Fatigue and Other Food Service Challenges
an i-FM interview with Rob Fredrickson, Account Director, Gather & Gather
15th April 2015
Brand Ambassadors
an i-FM interview with Angela Williams, HR Director, Sodexo UK & Ireland
8th March 2015
Entering a World of Pane
an i-FM interview with Ian Whittingham, Director, Revitaglaze
9th February 2015
Servest and The Three Bears Principle
an i-FM interview with Rob Legge & Andrew Sugars, Servest Group
11th January 2015
A Clear Line of Site
an i-FM interview with Martin Ward and Graham Perry, iSite
16th December 2014
The Exit Interview
an i-FM interview with Gareth Rhys Williams, CEO, PHS Group
7th December 2014
Landmark FM
an i-FM interview with Martin Reed, MD, Incentive FM Group
5th November 2014
Master of All Trades, Jack of None
an i-FM interview with Simon Ball, Business Development Director, Mitie
13th October 2014
Scottish Power
an i-FM interview with Guy Tucker, Business Development Director, Arthur McKay
7th October 2014
Going Soft
an i-FM interview with Kirsten Bradbury, Divisional Managing Director, FM, CBRE Norland
2nd October 2014
Integrating Waste
an i-FM interview with Ian Baxter, Waste Services Director, ISS UK
9th September 2014
Magic Moments
an i-FM interview with John Ellis, MD, Freidman FM
26th August 2014
BAM & Robin
an i-FM interview with Kath Fontana, Managing Director, BAM FM
6th August 2014
Standing in the Client's Shoes
an i-FM interview with Martin Holt, Chief Executive, Bellrock
15th July 2014
Good Things Come in Small Packages
an i-FM interview with Alistair Craig, Managing Director, Anabas
9th July 2014
In the Blood
an i-FM interview with Robert Makarek, Head of FM, Airbus Defence & Space
23rd June 2014
FM's Fountain of Youth
an i-FM interview with Andrew Hulbert, Associate Director, Bilfinger HSG FM
1st June 2014
Integration and Identity in FM
an i-FM interview with Gary Kidd, Managing Director of Integrated Services, ISS
20th May 2014
Company Man
an i-FM interview with David Carr, MD, Bouygues Energies & Services FM
29th April 2014
Acquisition Happy
an i-FM interview with Greig Brown, CEO, Bilfinger Europa Facility Management
3rd April 2014
Build an FM show and they will come
an i-FM interview with Matt Benyon, Managing Director, easyFairs
25th February 2014
an i-FM interview with Debra Ward, Managing Director, Macro
5th February 2014
The Vinci Code
an i-FM interview with Tony Raikes, MD, Vinci Facilities
22nd January 2014

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Cleaning on a Global scale
What happens to a service like cleaning after a large-scale merger? Global Radio FM retraces its steps throughout a recent re-tender.
Defining the optimum workplace
Tom Cudmore introduces the Whole Life Performance Plus project, a collaborative effort that is aiming to create workplaces that enhance the productivity and wellbeing of occupants.
Leading the charge?
Facilities management is nothing if not a place of change. Policies, practices, expectations and FM companies themselves shift and develop. Could one, Mitie, in the headlines as much for bad news as good in recent weeks, be showing us the way forward?
Is FM at risk of dehumanising?
Embracing the age of big data and all its associated ground-breaking technology is crucial for the FM sector, but there is a risk that partnership working and collaborative cultures could be lost to the detriment of the client relationship.
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